Occasionally, Intuit gives overhauls to QuickBooks that you can redesign in item or download from the Web. These redesigns, likewise called support discharges or “fixes” (or finance overhauls for QuickBooks Finance clients), are free item discharges that enhance program usefulness and fix known issues. Redesigns ought not be mistaken for overhauls, which include critical new components or capacities to the project.

QuickBooks gives four strategies to downloading upgrades from the Web. These techniques require a Web association means internet connection:

Three different ways for update as well:

Automatic Update.

On demand update ,when customer purchases new software.

New version Release update method.

Last one is manual update ;

QuickBooks 2016

QuickBooks 2015

QuickBooks 2014

QuickBooks 2013


Once QuickBooks downloads an overhaul, the system introduces the essential records to the right area on your PC. Whenever you restart QuickBooks, you are naturally provoked to introduce the redesign. Much of the time, you should exit and restart QuickBooks before the redesign will produce results.

In the event that you utilize QuickBooks Star or Chief in multi-client mode, you have to introduce the report on every PC that has QuickBooks Expert or Head introduced on it. See the multi-client directions for data about sharing overhauls between organized PCs.

Automatic Update method with default settings:

QuickBooks is set up to naturally download overhauls from the Intuit server to your PC, regardless of whether QuickBooks is running. With this strategy, QuickBooks occasionally checks the Intuit server for new upgrades and downloads new data slowly at whatever point your Web association is not intensely utilized. QuickBooks keeps on downloading redesigns consequently until you impair the Programmed Upgrade alternative.

And if you want to enable or disable automatic update follow these steps : 

1 From main menu Click  on help option then select update QuickBooks  > go to option tab from here if you want to Enable automatic update , then click on Yes (if not then click no ).

  •   If you keep automatic update on then from here you can specify what all updates you want to receive. If some of the update that you don’t want to receive you just deselect them .
  •   If you keep automatic updates turn off, then you will not going to receive any updates. But you will going to get reminders when ever you open your QuickBooks.

2 Now just save changes.

One demand update or you say Immediate update :

With this strategy, you can promptly download upgrades from the Intuit server to your PC. You can utilize this alternative whenever (regardless of the possibility that Programmed Overhaul is empowered) and you can instantly download, regardless of whether QuickBooks is open. It is suggest that you check for overhauls around once every month.

On the off chance that you ever need to reinstall QuickBooks, you should likewise reinstall all appropriate upgrades in the request they were discharged, else you will most likely be unable to open your organization record.

To install update just follow this update:

  • Go to help >Update QuickBooks >Update now.
  • Select the update to download and click Get Upgrades. To see what is incorporated into the overhaul, in the Redesigns section, tap the name of the upgrade. A page is shown that rundowns the changes/improvements in the update.
  • Exit QuickBooks. Contingent upon the adaptation you have, QuickBooks will incite you to introduce the redesign now or whenever you begin your product. When it clicks, Introduce Now or Yes to introduce the redesign. Subsequent to introducing the overhaul, restart your PC.

New version Release update method

In the event that you would prefer not to introduce upgrades utilizing the redesign highlight as a part of QuickBooks or you are having issues with the overhaul highlight, you can download and introduce accessible upgrades. It is unequivocally suggested, in any case, that you utilize the upgrade highlight in QuickBooks to introduce overhauls.

On the off chance that you possess various duplicates of QuickBooks, make certain to redesign all of them, else you will most likely be unable to open your organization file(s). See the multi-client directions guidelines for data about sharing redesigns between arranged PCs.

Update about multi-user mode, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise

If you are QuickBooks Pro,QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise in multi-user and you want new update to be installed on each computer in one go.

  • Open shared company file.
  •  The click on Help menu and Update QuickBooks
  • Then in options select share download 
  • Then save the changes .

Once everybody has finished these strides, upgrades that are downloaded will be conveyed to all clients. Note: When you turn on the Offer Download choice, QuickBooks downloads redesigns to the same area as the organization document. Something else, QuickBooks downloads upgrades to the catalog or envelope where your duplicate of QuickBooks is introduced. Putting in new discharges redesigns your QuickBooks organization record. Once the organization document has been redesigned, it may not be available utilizing prior arrivals of QuickBooks.

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